Open Topic Proposal/Open Questions meme

So, everyone is doing this "Propose one topic, and I'll talk about it for a day in December" thing. Which is interesting, and I'd love to take topics for the month of January -- although committing to a specific day is a bit beyond me. SO! Propose a topic or ask a question -- anything goes, anonymous commenting should on, all that good stuff. Unless it's like, national security related, I will do my best to give an honest and complete answer!


Defriending Amnesty Starts Today!

I'm currently doing a fairly large friends cut.


If I think there's an actual chance that you are actually reading this (ie. you've posted sometime in the last year, or I know you personally and like you) I'm not removing you. If I just added you -- duh! -- I'm not removing you.

However, if your last post was that you're on an indefinite hiatus? Or you haven't posted since 2006? Or I never really got to know you in the first place, despite having been friends since 2003? Sorry, it's time for us to part ways. Mostly, that's an emotional security thing. When I post things under f-lock I want to feel like I have some rudimentary control over who is reading them.

ALSO! This journal will be FRIENDS ONLY form here on out. So! If you're reading on Friends-of, or you're someone I don't have friended who has enjoyed reading what little content I don't lock and wants to keep doing that, fess up in the comments and I'll add you.

If I did remove you and you are reading this and would like to be re-added, also fess up in the comments, and I will add you back.